Help Wanted! We’re looking for a manager!


As you may know, we’re a 7 time award winning restaurant/ food truck based out of Waterloo looking for a manager with an incredible incentive! 50% of all profits, to be exact.

We’re looking for a dedicated individual that’s got a good handle on social media, email correspondence, can drive and of course can cook and manage our food truck. The catch? None.

At the moment we’re unable to have both owners dedicate themselves to the food truck, so we need help. We’re getting flooded with emails and phone calls for catering, events, and other bookings, so we need someone to manage these dates and run the truck. The good news is that we get plenty of requests, but the more dates that can be booked and worked, the more profits there are to be made.

What we’re looking for is a fun individual that can do the following;

Manage our social media accounts (Facebook & Twitter)
Manage postings on our website (food truck locations)
Answer emails and phone calls for bookings
Be able to drive the food truck
Be able to replenish stock and other food truck items
Be able to work in truck

The list looks extensive, but working hours are actually very short so this is not your typical 9-5 job; lunch caterings can be anywhere from 10am-3pm on weekdays and that can be all for the day. However, if you’re driven to earn more, you can as the truck can get quite the number of bookings, which is where need help with.

If this is something you’re interested in and want more details, please tell us a bit about yourself and send us your resume at